Mission Athletics Interview - Tia Swafford

Semi-Pro to Celebrity Basketball Player: Tia Swafford

Mission Athletics interview with Tia Swafford - Obstacles, Faith, and Persistence.

Mission Athletics was able to ask Tia Swafford 9 questions about her life, journey, and mindset in order to provide aspiring athletes information on how to make it to the next level in their athletic careers. Thanks to Tia, we were able to receive detailed information that will help bring Mission Athletic’s goal to fruition:

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1. Tell me a bit about your childhood, any setbacks, and what directed you to become an elite (athlete, coach, or trainer)?

-I took interest in basketball at the age of 7. I really didn't have any setbacks, however what directed me to become an elite athlete was watching a lot of Michael Jordan games.

2. What is your motivator as an elite (athlete, coach, or trainer)?

-What motivates me is the will to win and the ambition to make it happen.

3. 5 main points that have helped you become successful and position you where you are today? This question is specifically related to your career path.

-My 5 main points that has helped me become successful in my career is . . . 1. God 2. Prayer 3. Hard Work 4. Faith 5. Love

4. As an elite (athlete, coach, or trainer), how important is education in the athletic industry?

-Student-athletes nationwide consider themselves to be more of an athlete than a student. It is always important to have a backup plan for your future. Many students cannot rely on their athletics to compensate for other aspects of success and carry them through life. Athletes need to value their education and take advantage of the opportunities they have.

5. For someone who doesn’t have the financial means to receive the proper resources, what are methods that they can utilize that can help them appropriately develop in their desired career path (as an athlete, coach, or trainer)?

-As of now, it is very difficult to find affordable Sports & Fitness Trainers who can help develop aspiring athletes without the required financial means. Great that Mission Athletics will be solving that issue. However, it is tough and it leave aspiring athletes to search on videos on youtube which doesn’t provide the quality information that the aspiring athletes are looking for.

6. When you look back on where you started (as an adolescence), what would be 3 things that you would tell yourself that you needed to focus on in order to achieve your desired endeavor as an elite (athlete, coach, or trainer)?

-Looking back on where i started the top 3 things i would have focused on is. . . 1. Focus! distractions can ruin a perfect opportunity if you let it. 2. Health! When i was a kid i ate whatever i had a craving for and as an athlete, you can't expect to eat garbage and expect to play like a beast. My performance was good. However, I could have done better if I didn't do half the job of an athlete and that was look after my health. 3. Continue learning! Knowledge is power. feed your mentality! You may never know what keys can open the door of your future.

7. How important is your overall health and wellness as you focus on your career as an elite (athlete, coach, and trainer)?

-Health is very important to me. Don't get me wrong, I still have cravings here and there. Mainly on the weekends, Only when i know i have worked out but being an athlete or not, take care of your body. It's the only body you have to live in.

8. Do you have a mentor? Who is that integral/important part in your life? Why is it important to have a mentor?

-Yes i do. 4 actually 1. God has given me this Gift. As many times I’ve failed to do his will. He still chased me with the knowledge, heart, passion, drive etc to do his wonders. 2.Anthony Drago founder of GPS (Go Prove Something). Drago was always on my case. He was like a father figure. Drago will always tell me before practice or a game. "Build A Foundation" I took it and ran with it. 3. Loree Moore WNBA Player. Loree fed me spiritually. She made me in-tune with myself and i thank her for that. 4. Larry Williams a.k.a Bone Collector. Bone is like my big brother. He would coach me on and of the court when I’ve had my days where I would lose focus. Bone would tell me to snap out of it. I could go on forever about these people but just know that they play a big part of my career and that's why I'm where I'm at today. Having a mentor in your life is key!

9. Out of all of the experiences that you’ve gone through, whether it may be positive or negative, you have somehow managed to get through those challenges and position yourself where you are today. There’s many aspiring (athletes, coaches, and trainers) out there who want to learn. If you only had 3 pieces of advice to share, what would that entail? *This does not have to be sports related, more so life lessons that you can share to the world.

-I have gone through so many challenges. Not just as a athlete but with life. Sometimes life catches you off guard but i learned the challenges aren't always bad. God sometimes sends obstacles in your path to test you, teach you or strength you. So whatever you go through try to look at it from a different point of view. I know easier said than done but it will all be worth it in the end.


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