Alexandria Somers - Sports and Fitness Trainer

Alexandria Somers - Sports and Fitness Trainer

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Location: Pennsylvania

Area of Expertise: Aerobic exercise, Resistance training, flexibility training, Sports Training, Basketball Skills Training (Scholastic to Collegiate),Nutrition

Background: Fitness Trainer. Elite Basketball Player

Motivator: My motivation to provide sports/fitness training comes from my family pushing me to play every sport there is to play and also pushing me to try out different activities and instruments. I fell in love with playing basketball and training once I could get my hands on a ball. I played almost every sport and began to fall in love with practicing and doing everything that I could do to be the best player on the field/court. I am very competitive because of the work ethic and drive that has been instilled in me at a young age, and I’m grateful that I have been able to enhance my determination and perseverance growing through college and in my every day life.

I have had many sports related injuries growing up. However, what motivates me more than ever is the fact that I had two ACL, MCL, and Meniscus repair surgeries and I had persevered through stronger than ever. Both injuries were from playing basketball (the sport I still love to this day), and the injuries were two years apart from each other. I had gained over 150lbs in less than 2 year’s time. Although, through my perseverance, I had lost over 140lbs in a year’s time. I know what it takes to lose weight, gain muscle, learn what/when to eat, how to rehab injuries that are sports/work related, be more consistent with time management, and how to feel great and gain more confidence. I am willing to work with anyone willing to stay committed to themselves and my program/nutrition plan. Train with Aye Somers, but not just for the Summer!

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