Elaine Mitchell - Isagenix Consultant

Elaine Mitchell - Isagenix Consultant


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Location: King of Prussia, PA


  • Cell Phone: (516)-660-7767

  • Email: elainemitchell123@gmail.com

  • Instagram: @elainegetsfit_

  • Facebook: elaine.mitchell.161

  • Zoom ID: 220 790 8593

Background: I partner with Isagenix which is a global health and wellness company providing nutrition solutions to help people get the results they desire.

Motivator: I have always had a passion to help people achieve their goals. Watching those around me get excited and fired up about their progress makes me just as excited. It motivates me to work harder on myself. I want to wake up every day and be the best version of myself so that I can show up for those who are ready to get out there and work hard. Proper nutrition and giving my body the fuel it needs to succeed has been an integral part of my fitness journey. Being able to provide others with the same tools and resources to help them achieve their goals is the ultimate reward!

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