Nick Calhoun - Elite Sports Trainer

Nick Calhoun - Elite Sports Trainer

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Location: Ohio

Area of Expertise: Athletic training, weight-loss, performance training, football, basketball, track & field training, youth sports

Background: Sports Performance/Team Sport Strength & Conditioning. Primarily Basketball

Motivator: My primary motivation for Sports and Fitness training is to build trust with those I work with and instill confidence in my clients. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with 4 years of experience with college sports at the NCAA division 1 level. I am an avid researcher who works and communicates with those in higher positions than me in order to find the newest and most effective methods proven by science in improving an athlete or an individual’s overall strength, body composition, mobility, and general wellness. I write programs specific to all of my clients that I am working with. I do so in order to produce the best results over time.

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