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About Mission Athletics

Mission Athletics is a mobile app that provides athletes and fitness enthusiasts affordable training from experienced coaches through videos and virtual interactions using Artificial Intelligence. Mission Athletics provides the network, resources, and connections that will enable aspiring athletes to excel.


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Sports/Fitness Instructor

  • As a Sports/Fitness trainer, you will post valuable content on your profile for all athletes to use and apply in their desired regime.

  • We pay our Sports/Fitness trainer on a competitive content scale basis to ensure that we are providing the highest quality training videos and live sessions. All of our sports/fitness trainers are experienced and undergo a thorough vetting process.

  • We rigorously vet all of our Sports and Fitness trainers to make sure that you select from the best.



  • Choose from which sport and skill(s) you want to improve and receive quality content from experienced Sports/Fitness trainers.

  • Select any skill set that you desire to improve and learn from any of our experienced Sports/Fitness trainers through their robust content.

  • If you desire a more in-depth experience, schedule a 1 on 1 live training session with any of our vetted Sports/Fitness trainers.

  • Whether you are looking for a place to network, gain valuable knowledge for your future, or to become the best version of you, Mission Athletics will bring your endeavors to fruition.

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Attain your ambition with Mission Athletics

  • Athletes now have a convenient way to view valuable skills development content for FREE!

  • Gain more recognition as a Sports/Fitness trainer by posting valuable sports training content for aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Our experienced Sports/Fitness trainers will not only provide robust content, but they will provide you with 1 on 1 live training sessions for further development.

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Reach and practice different skill development styles from around the world.

Sports News

Stay informed with up-to-date sports news. You can also filter it to your desired sport(s).

Easy Sign-Up

You can sign up as a sports/fitness instructor or athlete through the app or sign up using your FaceBook account.

Unique Design

Creative design that will make the Mission Athletics mobile app user friendly.

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Schedule live Sessions

You will now have the ability to schedule a 1 on 1 live sports training session with any of our vetted Sports/Fitness trainers.

Messaging made Simple

Whether you are a sports/fitness trainer or an athlete, you will be able to message your friends through our dynamic and responsive messaging interface.

On-The-Go Accessibility

Sports/Fitness trainers can post training content whenever and wherever. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can view content and practice anywhere.

Social Share

You will be able to share your favorite training videos that were helpful to you through various social media outlets.